Tips on how to build a house in diaspora

Tips on how to build a house from diaspora.

Some persons in the Diaspora have had their hard-earned money taken from them by family members, friends, and other trusted individuals who were supposed to be in charge of managing the construction project. These cheaters frequently send images of their neighbors’ homes, only to discover that . To better protect our clients in the diaspora, we’ve put up these tips on how to build a house in diaspora.

That is why building homes at will while living abroad is still difficult for Nigerians when it arrives, they struggle. Building homes in which people can retire while working to enhance their well-being in foreign nations—whether temporarily or permanently—can be a tough task.

Many Nigerians living abroad have become uncomfortable sending money to untrustworthy relatives or friends. This is the reason  real estate agencies or companies is in existence to assists Nigerians who reside abroad that have an interest to build or own properties here. This is one of the reasons Primehill Limited is in existence, located at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria which was earlier stated.

Is it possible to build a house from Diaspora?

Of course, it is very possible for Nigerians living abroad to own and possess properties either for residential or commercial purpose. Anywhere you are in the world as a Nigerian, with the help of established real estate companies like Primehill Limited, you can acquire any property of your choice. Furthermore, you could even buy a property and turn it to be a property investment, where you lease it or even sell it in a higher price than you purchased it.

Real estate companies are meant to be trusted and reliable to clients abroad who need or want landed properties in Nigeria. For instance Primehill Limited have an initiative on how to assist Nigerians living abroad acquire properties. With their real estate management scheme, they have their mapped out strategy on how to provide a nice and comfortable property plus you can bank on them.


Building a house from diaspora is entrusted to real estate companies or agencies rather than family or friends. These steps will show us how to build from abroad.

1. Contact a Legal Real Estate Agency directly

As a client from diaspora, even if you might not be able to visit the website frequently, it’s crucial to begin the procedure in person. This guarantees that you have personally met with all of the important stakeholders and sets the expectation for execution. Starting the construction project in person will also provide you the chance to assign regular supervision to a reliable and nearby person.

Additionally, this can guarantee that you receive regular reports on the status, difficulties, and general health of your construction project. Primehill Limited for instance, is a real estate agency. You can access them directly or through their website( where you check out their activities and the services they render

2. Have a Focus:

Having a focus is one of the very important tips on how to build a house in diaspora. This deals with what you want your property to be like. Will it be for residential or commercial purposes. Do you want your property be an empty land or a developed land with buildings? Will you want to invest on the land as a property investment or not? Primehill Limited have you covered on this one.


3. Identify a Location:

Find out the location in which you want your property to be. Do you want it in an urban or rural area? The location should be also located by Google map if need be. Primehill Limited can offer you properties with good locations in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria.

4. Always contact the Real estate agency:

As a client building a house in diaspora, you should always keep in touch with the real estate agency responsible for your building or property. Always keep in touch until the building project is complete. Primehill Limited is freely accessible to clients both in diaspora and at home.


5. Get regular Update:

This is where real estate developers and real estate companies prove they are trust worthy to their clients in diaspora. You can request for pictures of progress and development of your building and property. Primehill Limited is a brand known for integrity and trust as a client in diaspora, they will satisfy you with trust. As client in diaspora you do not know what is happening. Therefore you need prove of progress to also monitor the development of your property.


6. Record all your expenses:

Before providing money for any transaction, request a thorough summary of the expenses. Keep track of all the expenses you incurred for labor, materials, transportation, permits, and other fees. Keep track of all payments you make for construction. Including crucial information like dates, beneficiaries, the intended usage, and the method of payment. Don’t forget to gather as much information as you can.

7. You could meet the real estate management in person:

You can physically meet the real estate management you want to give the contract of your building to. Thereafter, check them out by yourself. Aside from checking them online, you can go in person to check out from diaspora. Primehill Limited is very accessible to both clients at home and diaspora.


8. Make sure you physically sign the legal documents and receive your title deed:

To build a house in diaspora remember to complete offer letters, sale agreements, and land transfer papers as the process of transferring land is legally required. It is possible for these documents to be provided directly to you. Through email for signing, confirming that the procedure you used complies with the law. Thanks to the availability of foreign courier services, you have the option of picking up your title document by hand.


9. Keep only one person in charge:

This will prevent disagreements and people blaming one another for lack of understanding. Do not assign various contractors distinct jobs and work. As a result, supplies and equipment disappears or  misused. Consequently, this might lead to conflicts of interest at different stages of the construction. And you would be held accountable for the mess that resulted. Subsequently, be careful of who you keep in charge. Make sure you have a level of trust in that person.


10. Finally, Management of time:

Expect delays, so be ready. It is quite unusual to learn that a building project was completed on schedule. You must allow for any delays. Work with contractors, manual workers, and even architects may provide difficulties because construction in Africa is labor-intensive.

The transfer of materials to the construction site may also cause delays. In remote places where there may not be a hardware store nearby, this issue is especially prevalent. As a result, you’ll probably need some patience to finish the process.

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