20 real estate agency in Uyo

20 real estate agency in Uyo

Real estate is simply investing in your property and making good profit from it. It is a business that has grown big and it also growing bigger. Adopt means, schemes or skill to manage such a business. Nevertheless, some people have made it big in this real estate business. We will show you 20  real agency estate in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Brief Explanation of Real Estate

Let me explain the importance of real estate. According to economics there are 4 factors of production which are; land, labour, capital and entrepreneur. Consequently, land is regarded as the original source of material wealth. The houses people build, the factories, companies, firm, practice of agriculture and institutions are built on land and this buildings produce profit

Let us also talk about the basic needs of life that is very essential to man; food, shelter and clothing. Everyone needs shelter, at least a roof under their heads therefore if you are into the real estate business it is certain you will be patronized.

How Real Estate functions

As a real estate management responsible for a client’s your work or project. It is advisable that you make all effort for people to trust your real estate management that you have established. Also know what kind of real estate business you want venture in. Is it for commercial purposes or for rentals? What we mean is that there are clients who seek for buildings. Either to live in or use as a business field. So it is up to real estate investors or agencies to meet up to the demand of their intending clients or the client they are working for.

When a real estate deals on rentals it means that they are leasing a property. For people to live in them, they have to pay. For instance a real estate agency into rentals may have a single room apartment, self-contain apartment, two bed room apartment, a duplex, even a story building, for rent and it people need places to live.

There are people who relocated or migrated they will definitely need a place to stay and the next step may take is to contact a real estate company that will come to their aid. That is why we have Primehill Limited to tackle shelter challenges in Uyo


Subsequently, when it comes to real estate management providing a place or a location where commercial activities can take place it has to do with property as well. Furthermore buildings or empty lands is available for  business activities just like rental for residence. Such as having an office, building an industry, a shopping mall, restaurant, club, bar or gym center. Primehill Limited can offer all of these and more to satisfy and make their clients comfortable.

Uyo is undoubtedly the capital city of Akwa Ibom in South South Nigeria. And we are going to unveil and expose to you 20 best real estate agencies in Uyo.

20 Real Estate Agency in Uyo.

  1. Stainerz Properties: One of the top real estate and architectural firms in Nigeria, Stainerz Properties is well-positioned to offer our cherished clients cutting-edge and affordable real estate solutions.


  1. 25th Anniversary Estate: This is the second estate agency in this list. The estate known as 25th Anniversary Estate has a lot of residential buildings and an accessible road system.



  1. Delinked Properties: For people looking to buy or sell properties. More so, Delinked Properties offers real estate consulting services. It is located at 33 Oron Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom


  1. Akan Umotong & Partners: Akan Umotong & Partners is a well-established real estate company that provides property development, facility management, and rental services in the city.


  1. Essienson Real Estate: In Akwa Ibom State and its surrounding areas, Essienson Real Estate Mart, a property link company, provides real estate agency services and related businesses. Located at 18 Calabar Street, off Nepa Line, Uyo, Akwa Ibom Nigeria.


  1. Finebury Properties Limited: A real estate company with a social approach at its core, Finebury Properties Limited offers services in property sales, rent, management, consulting, and building technology.


  1. Inyi Victor and Partners: Providing services in real estate agency and brokerage, housing development, valuation, project development, and financing, Inyi Victor & Partners is a firm of estate surveyors and valuers.


  1. Joe Nigeria Real Estate Agency: A well regarded real estate company in Uyo is Joe Nigeria. Google Joe Nigeria near me to verify this. In Nigeria, they market and sell real estate. They offer Uyo Daily Property, a place to seek for homes for rent, sale, or purchase. Located at 29, Idoro Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom.


  1.  LandsandHousing.com is a real estate marketplace for buying and selling homes online as well as the central location for all agents. Located at 48 Aka Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom.


  1. Gersh Henshaw & CO: A company called Gersh Henshaw & Co., which has its headquarters in Calabar and a working office in Uyo, specializes in real estate consulting valuers, property consultants, and estate managers. It provides expert services in property management, valuation, and sourcing.



  1. John Isangedighi & Associates: One the 20 real estate agency in Uyo is John Isangedighi & Associates. Property consultants, real estate valuers, and surveyors make up John Isangedighi & Associates. Located at Abasiene Court: 65 Obio Imo Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom.


  1. Udoetuk and Accessories: Real estate services from Udoetuk & Associates include property sales, letting, management, redevelopment, and facility management. Located at 168 Atiku Abubakar Way, Aka Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.


  1. Sam Udo Akagha & Partners: In the fields of property management, facility management, leasing, sell, and rental, Sam Udo Akagha & Partners is a top independent estate agency.


  1. Eddy Edenteghe & Associates: Estate surveyors and valuers, compensation consultants, real estate developers, land sales, property sales and letting, and facility management are all services provided by Eddy Edenteghe & Associates.


  1. Primehill Limited: With their reasonable services and convenient payment options removing all of the obstacles that are holding you back from becoming the owner of a piece of land. Primehill is a real estate agency involved in real estate development and management. They buy lands and sell also sell.


  1. Royal Geo-Informatics Consult Limited: A group of experts from Royal Geo-Informatics Consult Limited provide real estate surveying. And also, general engineering, project management consulting, and real property planning.


  1. Devcost Consultant: They are real estate Company also discovered in Uyo. They serve as property consultants, real estate valuers, and surveyors.



  1. Junient Investment Limited: A real estate management situated in Uyo. They serve as real estate consultants where as they are also developers and managers as well.


  1. Real link Property: Also in Uyo making good progress in the real estate business. Consulting, managing and also developing, they are realtors, developers and managers of real estate.


  1. John Obot Property Limited: Involved in property management, facility management, leasing, sell, and rental.

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