Property investment, understanding how it works

Property Investment, Understanding how it works.

Property investment is an enormous and growing business which when done appropriately, it becomes extremely lucrative. It is simply a land, building or property purchased for the purpose of gaining financial returns. It is either the property produces rental income or it is sold or both merely to gain returns.

Property investment could be long term or short term. Land appreciates in value with time therefore some investors purchase property modify it and sell it instantaneously.

It could also be residential or non-residential. Property investment be acquired and rented as a saloon, office space, restaurant, or even a mall. On the other hand, it could be rented to people for residence. In some cases, lands can be rented for industrial and manufacturing purposes. For instance, when a land is given out for the purpose of erecting or constructing a factory, industry, firm or a warehouse. It is only for industrial activities.

This further explains that property investment can be for residence, commercial activities and industrial purposes. Primehill Limited in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria have properties for sale where you can begin investing in properties whether on an empty land or an erected building for both residential and non-residential purpose

Property investment is not merely centered on lands and buildings there are other properties that can generate income and maximize profit. For instance shares, jewelries, arts, and other collectables.


Unused assets aside from the main residence are for investment. They generate some income in the form of rent, interest, dividends, or even royalties. These are outside the property owner’s typical area of expertise. An investment property’s value strongly impacts the usage. For instance, Primehill Limited have available properties of immense value for sale where one can invest on. You can buy a property from them which will be for investment only.

Investors frequently conduct research to ascertain the most profitable and optimal uses of land. The greatest and best use of the land is another name for it. Let’s say a rental property has both commercial and residential zoning. Before determining which has the largest prospective return rate, the investor might weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both. He uses the property in that manner after that.

Second homes sometimes describe investment properties. However, the meaning of the two is not always the same. As an illustration, a family may purchase a cottage or other vacation property for their usage, or a person who already has a home in the city may purchase a second property in the countryside as a weekend getaway. In these situations, the second property is not for use as an acceptable source of revenue but rather for personal use.

Investments laid on property can bring about great gain and profitability. Primehill Limited has properties that are affordable. You can purchase a property from them and utilize them for investment. You could also purchase a land from Primehill Limited and invest on it by erecting buildings for rentals or sale.

By owning a landed property you can be a real estate investor, go into partnership with certain realtors, estate developers and property administrators for a proper real estate management just like Primehill Limited.


Searching for a property to invest on is not something really difficult. There are diverse ways to find and buy properties for the purpose of investment.

1. Scout the environment you want to invest in

In this case wherever you want your location to be determines your investment. Search the area of your interest for properties that are for sale. Primehill Limited can have your area of interest in places such as Mbiokporo, Le Meridian and Airport road in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

2. Search Online

The internet has made things seem very easy. There are certain real estate management that have websites where you can purchase landed properties to start up your own real estate investment. For instance, Primehill Limited is a big real estate management in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria where you can purchase property either for residential or commercial purpose. You can visit their website to acquire a property.

3. Contact realtors

Realtors buy and sell properties on behalf of people. They are agents of real estate investment too. You can check out for relators to purchase a property of your choice. Primehill Limited can also fill in this gap for you anywhere in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

4. Real Estate Investment Groups (REIGs):

An attachment with some real estate groups can get you properties. With the influence you have in a group of real estate investors by being a member, it is very certain that you can purchase properties if you want because there are members of the group who can help you acquire properties.

Types of Property investment

Land: Land is an essential property for investment. With time land appreciates in value, therefore you could purchase lands and sell or rent them. This will definitely bring good income and gain depending on your real estate management scheme.

Flipping Homes: This is a very common means of property investment. This is where a person buys a property (house) improves and modifies it and sells it. It is a very quick and fast mean to generate revenue.

Apartment building: This is providing a property for rentals.the erection of a house built in compartments for rentals . It is either a single individual dwells in an apartment or a family. An apartment building could have a single room, self-contain, one bedroom, two bed rooms, in some cases, a duplex.

Non-residential Purposes: We have being talking about residential property investment. How about the non-residential property investment? Well non-residential property investment can either be for commercial or industrial activities. For instance, banks, shopping malls, restaurants, saloons, gym centers, warehouses, industries, factories and firms. Some properties are for the investment of activities like this.

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